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STorage Container Sales

Cargo Container, Shipping Container, Freight Container, or Conex - No matter what it's called, one thing is clear: Containers are a cost effective, ready-made solution for storing your possessions, tools, or any other items securely. They are made to transport goods, each loaded with up to 60,000 pounds of freight, and stacked up to 9 high on container ships. Containers are designed to be very rugged and durable. Resistant to the elements, and weather-tight - when you purchase your container from Charlie's Trailers & Containers - You'll always get great storage for as long as you need!

Get The Space You Need!

By purchasing one of our top-quality storage containers, you get unlimited use of your very own storage space. With no fear of increasing rental prices or repossession - you can use your container for long-term storage, as a work shop area, a garage, or any other purpose! Make your storage easy and convenient by utilizing our delivery service to get the container to your home or work-site, or have us store it for you at our warehouse!

What You Need - At The Right Price

Do you need a cost-effective, permanent place to use as a disaster shelter, guard shack, or mobile field office? When you choose Charlie's Trailers & Containers, you get a wide selection of containers with a variety of styles, and conditions. Save money on your purchase with our 'as is' containers, or insure the comfort of your staff with our insulated trailers & containers.

Our trailers are perfect for renovations - Remodeling projects are so much easier when furniture and inventory are out of the way.

Contractors - Keep tools and materials dry and secure at the job site, with on-site storage!

Food Industry - Containers work great for storing dry goods such as cups, to-go boxes, plates, napkins and so much more!

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