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For the highest quality container sales, rentals, modifications and more - Trust Charlie's Trailers & Containers to offer over 50 years in the industry, great customer service, and affordable prices that are exactly what you need when you're looking for functional storage that's either temporary or permanent. By choosing a trailer or container from Charlie's, you always know you're getting top-quality, for the best price.

Whether you need a trailer to serve as a temporary on-site storage container for your project like construction or remodeling, or you need it as permanent storage for dry goods in a food service establishment - No matter your need for excellent storage that is secure, and reliable... we have a product to fit your need. Don't wait to get started to day and reach out to us using the button below for a FREE QUOTE!

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Cargo Container, Shipping Container, Freight Container, or Conex - No matter what it's called, one thing is clear: Containers are a cost effective, and ready-made solution for storing your possessions, tools, or any thing else securely. They are made to transport goods, each loaded with up to 60,000 pounds of freight, and stacked up to 9 high on container ships. Containers are designed to be very rugged, and durable. Resistant to the elements, and weather-tight - when you…

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Affordable - Temporary - Convenient

Remove clutter from your home or office by renting one of our trailers or storage containers for more organizing space. With short-term and long-term leases available, you can take as much time as you need to sort through your excess inventory, construction supplies, and more to bring order to your life again, or to finish selling your overstock supply. Keep your possessions safe and dry with any of our containers at our affordable rates.

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Do you need convenient, mobile, dry, and affordable storage for your vehicles, belongings, or even work supplies? With Charlie's Trailers & Containers, we offer the storage you've been looking for to satisfy any need. Use our varied selection and inventory of containers as a mobile, or on-site equipment storage unit and protection!

Contact us today to get your free quote on any rental or purchase for our top-quality containers and trailers.

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